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Jewbelation 5766

The longest prayer of the year is the musaf prayer on Rosh Hashanah which has 9 blessings because of the 9 times that Hannah mentioned God's name in her prayers for a son. 9% of the members of Israel's first Knesset in 1949 were women. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of only 9 women in her Harvard Law School class of 1959. Judge Judy's book Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever was a NY Times bestseller for 9 weeks. A stitch in time saves 9. Dressed to the 9's. Donna Karan took a summer job with Anne Klein and was fired after 9 months, before later returning to become head designer. 9 Greek Muses, the daughters of Zeus, serve as patron goddesses of the arts. As a child, Frida Kahlo contracted polio and spent 9 months confined to her bed. Judy Chicago's epic multimedia art installation, The Dinner Party, includes the names of 999 women of achievement. Joan Collins made her acting debut in a male role at age 9 in a production of The Doll's House and has published 9 books. Debra Messing dated her husband for 9 years before they got married. Natalie Portman was born on 6/9, 1981, in Jerusalem. Barbra Streisand has Grammy nominations in more categories than any other artist: 9. Enoch was one of 9 righteous men who did not suffer the pain of death and entered paradise alive. "Seinfeld" ran for 9 seasons. Noah Wyle's salary for ER was 9,000,000 a year, and he was the only series regular to stick through all 9 seasons. Ben Stiller dropped out of UCLA after a mere 9 months. Kirk Douglas was born on December 9th and starred in 9 plays. Richard Dreyfuss began his acting career at age 9 at the Westside Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles. At age 9, Cary Grant came home from school one day and was told his mother had gone off to a seaside resort, while she was actually removed to a mental institution. Billy Crystal wanted to be a professional baseball player since the age of 9. Boris Becker competed in his first tennis tournaments at age 9. A 9-year old Paul Simon first heard Art Garfunkel singing They Tried To Tell Us We're Too Young at school. Paul Simon released a 9-disc box set containing all of his albums. Philip Roth narrates his novel, The Plot Against America from the perspective of his 9-year old self. Stan Lee, chairman of Marvel Comics and creator of Spiderman, has the distinction of becoming one of only 9 men in the U.S. Army to be given the military classification "playwright". Batman creator, Bob Kane, created Catwoman because "a cat has nine lives, so I figured that whenever she was caught or wounded, she would survive and live to fight again.". Larry Ellison almost died of pneumonia when he was 9 months old, and his unmarried 19-year old mother gave him to his great aunt and uncle to raise. Marcel Proust almost died of his first asthma attack at age 9, and became so obsessed with his asthmatic condition that he often used more than 20 towels after bathing to avoid having a damp towel touch his body. Both Beethoven and Anton Bruckner wrote 9 symphonies. After Beethoven died leaving his Tenth Symphony unfinished, composers were superstitious about writing Ninth Symphonies for the rest of the 19th century. In Hebrew the number 9 is symbolic of a serpent: the number itself represents a partially coiled snake. The first 9 chapters of the Book of Proverbs contain advice to young men about how to avoid having an unfaithful wife. A batting lineup in baseball consists of 9 players. On January 22, 1857, the 9-inning game was introduced. 9 ball is the standard professional billiards variant played in the US. A game of squash is won by scoring 9 points. On cloud 9 came into use in the 1950s from a term used by the US Weather Bureau for a cumulo-nimbus cloud at a height of 10 km, which is high even by the standard of clouds. Apollo 9 was the first manned flight of the Apollo Lunar Module, the first test of the Apollo space suits, and the first manned flight of a spacecraft capable of returning to earth. Only about one-ninth of the mass of an iceberg is visible above the water. With 9 letters Redivider is the longest palindrome in the English language (a word that has the same sequence of letters backwards and forwards). Begun 9/26/96 in Toronto, Canada, STIME declared itself the official universal clock and calendar in which all units of time are divided into 9 equal segments. Each is divided into 9 equal periods so the equivalent of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia are exact factors or multiples of each other. This new system of keeping time is universal, symmetrical and continual. Good-bye 24/7, hello 9's. 9 to 5, what a way to make a living