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HE'BREW Beer quite simply could not exist in its current incarnation without the generous donation of time, energy and creativity from so so so many people who have helped in every aspect of the ongoing Shmaltz Brewing project. I am truly grateful to these and many others (far too many to list here) who have consistently helped me personally survive and professionally evolve and expand the HE'BREW vision. The people listed below are just a few of the most recent Shmaltz benefactors...

Please use their services, explore their projects, and enjoy the fruits of the labors of so many who have contributed to the delicious beer and delicious shtick of The Chosen Beer...L'Chaim!

Jeremy Cowan, Founder

(Contact Information)
Brewery Address: 6 Fairchild Square, Clifton Park, NY 12065


Matt Polacheck, Art Director

Bob Craven, General Manager

Zak Davis, National Sales Manager

Shelby Schneider, Marketing Director

Mike Pearson, NYC and Northeast Sales

Jeremy Siegel, Queens/Bronx and Mid-Atlantic Sales

Greg Lynn, Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Tom Prusila, Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Marin Kasper, Western Regional Sales Manager

Jesse P. Cutler, Head of Media Relations

Master Brewer Paul McErlean and the whole Clifton Park Brewing Posse in Upstate NY - Richie Saunders, Michael Myers, Chris "Duffy" DuFrain, Geoff Craven, Scooter Clifford, Jason Signore, Brent Rusche, Amanda Gomez, Chris Anderson and everyone else that makes it all happen!

Sean Ziegler and Nick Bentley, Voice Box Creative

Brian Nevill, Brewmaster, Deal Maker, Monterey Brewing/Johnstown Brewing, PA

Ian Graham and David Cohen (advertising, marketing)

Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners West (print production)

Doug Werby, Kaboom Productions ("Two Jews" TV spot)

Peter Schmuhl (video editing)

Shira Reich (Photography, Jewish Girl Gone Wild, All Around Super Star)

Michael Cowan, World's Greatest Mother (delivery and support)

christ that's good beer