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Miraculous Jewbelation

8 strands of thread comprise the 4 corners of a Tallis. On the 8th day, an ox or a sheep could be taken from its mother and offered as a sacrifice. Great Talmudic scholar Shmuel bar Abba was said to be able to juggle 8 cups of wine without spilling a drop. The Kohen Gadol (High Priest) wore 8 special garments when serving in the Temple and changed garments 8 times on Yom Kippur, the most sacred day of the year. In the Temple, there were 8 spices, 8 poles for carrying the vessel in the sanctuary, and 8 musical instruments accompanying psalms of the Levites during the service. Shmuel 17:12: Now David was the youngest son of an Ephrathite named Jesse from Bethlehem in Judah who had 8 sons. Shmaltz Brewing superstar intern Leah Harmatz's bat mitzvah was on February 8th. Allen Ginsberg spent 8 months in a mental institute rather than serving a prison sentence, and there met Carl Solomon, the inspiration for Howl. Harpo Marx dropped out of school at the age of 8, after bullies tossed him out of a window onto the street on a daily basis. "When you are 8 years old, nothing is any of your business." -Lenny Bruce. Lenny Bruce was arrested 8 times on obscenity charges. It took Jon Stewart 8 months to write his book Naked Pictures of Famous People. Phillip Glass became serious about music when he took up the flute at age 8. Leonard Cohen spent 8 years at a Zen Center and has written 8 books of poetry. Fiddler on the Roof ran for 8 years on Broadway. 8th grade was the 'coming out of the shell' year for Michael Auerbach, Washington DC lead Shmaltz operative. Alicia Silverstone began modeling at age 8. Comedienne Joan Rivers has written 8 books and was born on June 8. Goldie Hawn has 8 Golden Globe nominations. Natalie Portman became a vegetarian at age 8. Aaron Spelling produced the hit TV show 8 is Enough "to fill our lives with love". Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter for 8 years. Marc Chagall was the eldest of 8 children and visited Israel 8 times. When Houdini challenged that he could break out of a cell in a United States Jail, he also freed 8 other inmates in 21 minutes. Kafka wrote The Judgment in one uninterrupted 8 hour sitting. Woody Allen attended Hebrew school for 8 years. David Copperfield gave himself the stage name Davino at age 8. Dr Seuss (Theodore Geisel) wrote about an 8-Nozzled, Elephant-Toted Boom Blitz. Billy Crystal has hosted the Oscars 8 times. Paula Abdul began taking ballet lessons at age 8. Paul Newman has received 8 lead actor Oscar nominations. Kevin Mitnick, one of the world's most notorious hackers, was banned from using the Internet for 8 years. Eddie Carmel, "The Jewish Giant," towered at 8 feet, nine inches. Chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov lost his match against IBM's Deep Blue computer on move 8. Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in her first television special at the age of 8 and is the fourth of 8 children. Bob Saget starred in Full House for 8 seasons. Kenny G's 8 albums have sold over 36 million copies worldwide. Joan Collins played the role of Alex Carrington for 8 years on the hit soap Dynasty. The Three Stooges' contract with Columbia paid them a mere $18,000 to make 8 two-reelers per year. As a teenager, Lou Reed underwent electroshock therapy three times a week for 8 weeks. In 1935, Hank Greenberg was named most valuable player in the American League by a unanimous vote of the 8 representatives. Dustin Hoffman's fake breasts in Tootsie weighed 8 pounds