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2006 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Daily Show, Beer, and Stone Brewing. • 10 is considered the modern number of completion replacing 12 as the fundamental building block of our number systems, currencies and most measurements. • 10 fingers and toes. • 10 yards for first down. • If you believe he is drinking a refill in Maude's limo, the Dude drinks 10 White Russians during the course of The Big Lebowski. • 10-pin Bowling has far more registered dues-paying participants than any other sport. • Ben Stiller was making films by the time he was 10, cathartic 8 mm epics in which he got even with the schoolyard bullies who tormented him. • "I'm number 10 at the box office, right under Barbra Streisand. Can you imagine being under Barbra Streisand? Give me a bag, I may throw up." -Walter Matthau • "I sneak a little 10 minute power nap between butt-wipes." -New dad Jack Black on his baby Samuel. • Tenacious D took 10 years to put out their first album. • The Beastie Boys', License to Ill, was the first rap album to hit number one, and has sold approximately 10 million albums in the US. • 282 of Irving Berlin's tunes reached the Top 10 on the charts, including 'White Christmas' • Marc Chagall grew up in a family of 10 children surviving on the meager wages his father earned as a fishmonger's assistant. • Roy Lichtenstein created his first proto-pop work with his '10 Dollar Bill' lithograph in 1956. • In 1980, The New York Times called Andy Warhol's 10 Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century "vulgar... it reeks of commercialism. "Art Forum argued: "the paintings are staggering - an unexpected mix of cultural anthropology, portraiture, celebration of celebrity, and study of intelligentsia all at the same time." • 10 Amendments to the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, starts with the separation of church and state and secures our freedom of speech. • Abraham argues against the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis Ch. 18: "Far be it from You to put to death the righteous with the wicked... And God said, "I will not destroy for the sake of the 10 [righteous persons]." • 10 Jewish porn stars interviewed by the late Screw reviewer Dan Shocket in the early 80's insisted that they maintained some Jewish values. • Sarah Silverman: "I can't believe anyone not being interested in exploring taboos... Maybe a sex worker needs 10 midgets and a juggler to get off. A comic needs to make jokes about the most taboo topics - race or AIDS or fucked-up sex, to be able to get the belly laugh, for themselves." • 10 years after his first arrest for impersonating a priest in Miami, Lenny Bruce was arrested in 1961 in San Francisco for the first of many obscenity charges which would eventually ruin his career and end in his tragic death. • Noam Chomsky remembers the first article he wrote was at the age of 10 about the threat of the spread of fascism, following the fall of Barcelona. • Ali G to Noam Chomski: "How many words do you know?" Chomsky: "10s of Thousands." Ali G: "Me know loads of them." • With a numerical value of 10, the 10th Hebrew letter Yud, the smallest and only letter suspended in midair, represents the single point of creation. • 10 Tribes of Israel mysteriously disappeared from ancient history.after the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed, enslaved and exiled by ancient Assyria. • Kinky Friedman, born in Palestine, Texas, wrote 10 Little New Yorkers and recorded 10 albums • Henry Kissinger: "Ninety percent of the politicians give the other 10 percent a bad reputation." • 10 years after receiving a Ph.D from NYU without completing a dissertation, in 1987 Alan Greenspan was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve. • In 10 years, Calvin Klein turned the $10,000 with which he started his business into $100 million. • At age 10, Lee Shubert sold newspapers in front of a local theater and went on to become the manager and producer of the largest theater empire of the 20th century. • When Anne Frank was 10 years old, she wrote letters to a pen-pal in Iowa. • At age 10, Golda Meir organized the American Young Sisters' Society to provide textbooks for needy school children. • Nelson Algren, son of a convert, on New Orleans in the Depression: "Some girls were so hard-pressed that if you bought one a pork sandwich for 10 cents you could sleep with her." • Yasmine Bleeth said "I'm the kind of person to wait until I've gained 10 pounds to start exercising."